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we know your organization is awash in information and must digitally transform itself. Question is - how can you easily inject extra insight into helping these sweeping changes?

Seems the standard Industry answer is; buy our new analytics or customer engagement platform and magically it will provide the answers, clearly it don't and at best only provide part solution. Our believe is that one has to explore the value of WHAT data one has; in context, especially from the perspective of the customer.

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for example - what data do we have for: a) customer delight, b) each customer engagement point, c) deal differentiated pricing d) next best action, e) contractual obligations etc.

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knowing what data you have in context will helpyou overcome competitive blind spots but in order to build the future digital proof points, you also need to know the anticipated data ask correlated back to your key systems.

building the digital proof points

as you read, the Industry is evolving. One way to fight guesswork is to anchor your Digital decisions to a set of business outcomes that different digital investments will produce underpinned by knowledge about your current and envisaged data.

getting to the Insight is even more important if your digital strategy implies modernizing platforms; multi-channel customer engagement and cloud/microservices.

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Let's cut to the chase. This is not rocket science, it is about figuring out what systems you have; what data it facilitates all in the context of high value service and sales conversations.

For this we have created a platform to help you do this. It is a "pop-up" Data Catalog that will form the basis of the "Data Inventory" for your digital transformation endeavor.

Unlike other Data Catalog providers we do not want to record the Enterprise, we see little value in it, we want to introduce something that provide immediate business AHA's based on YOUR data about data.


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